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Archaeology addresses big questions about the human past for much of which no written record is available. The Archaeology degree schemes at Cardiff concentrate on the British Isles, Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, including Egypt. As a student at Cardiff, you will learn with staff who undertake cutting-edge research on all periods from early human origins to the recent past. You will also benefit from the department’s facilities which include state of the art teaching and research laboratories, dedicated geophysical and surveying equipment and a range of sophisticated equipment for the analysis of artefacts. You will be studying in a vibrant and exciting capital city with the university campus at its heart but close to some of the richest archaeological landscapes and monuments in Britain.

The degree provides a level of training, skill and knowledge that is respected within professional archaeology and will serve you well when applying for postgraduate study, for employment in archaeology and the heritage sector, and for employment outside of the discipline.

Course Pathways

Course UCAS Code
Archaeology (BA) F400
Archaeology (BSc) F402
Archaeology & Ancient History(BSc) VVC4
Archaeology and Medieval History (BA) VV1K
Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology (BA) F481

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

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