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Diabetes (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)

n/a (Full-time) / n/a (Part-time) / 2 years (PgDip); 3 years (MSc); 1 year (PgCert) (Distance / E-Learning)

Note: The modules taught as part of the Diabetes MSc/PgDip programme are also available as standalone modules. Please see the Module List below for further details.

Course Aims

The programme in Diabetes has been established to equip healthcare professionals with an interest in diabetes with a sound knowledge of the subject. The course aims to offer knowledge and expertise in the pathophysiology and clinical management of diabetes.

The course is a development of the Diabetes Research Unit which has an international reputation for teaching and research in diabetes. The programme seeks to encourage critical thinking and improve the understanding of diabetes and diabetes related topics. Students will be equipped not only with current factual knowledge but will also learn strategies which will be of lasting value in dealing with future advances in therapy and management strategy.

Special Features

2014 Introductory Lectures are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians

PgDip Stage

The PgDip in Diabetes is a part-time, online distance learning course based on the International Diabetes Foundation Curriculum. It is split into six 20-credit modules over two years.

Candidates attend initial introductory lectures at the beginning of each year with the course then continuing online.

The majority of students are self-funded, though some may obtain bursaries from supporting organisations.

Module list:

Other components of the course:

MSc Stage

The MSc in Diabetes is designed specifically for healthcare professionals who have completed the PgDip in Diabetes and wish to pursue further studies in this field.

The part-time, distance learning MSc runs over a period of 12 months. The MSc will begin with an introductory section (approx. 12 weeks) where candidates will be able to develop their knowledge and skills in analysis methodologies, critical appraisal and scientific writing. In keeping with PgDip teaching, the candidates will initially be in groups of 8 - 10, where learning will be facilitated by expert tutors.

After completing the 12 week introductory stage above, students will proceed to writing their Masters dissertation of up to 20,000 words over the remainder of the year (approx 40 weeks). This can be in the form of either (a) primary data analysis using an existing dataset that either the student or the supervisor has access to, or (b) a systematic literature review with appraisal of published evidence, leading to guideline development.

Each student will have an individual supervisor who will provide guidance throughout the year. The student and supervisor will maintain regular contact either via the MSc website, or other means of communication as previously deemed appropriate by both (e.g. e-mail, teleconference, Skype).

Students will be expected to present a 2 page outline of the project by Week 8 of the introductory stage with final confirmation of project details with the supervisor by the end of Week 6 of the dissertation phase. The final dissertation will be submitted for marking by the end of Week 40 with regular progress updates to be provided at set intervals in the interim.

Successful completion of the MSc programme will result in the award of an additional 60 credits at Masters level, and the degree of MSc in Diabetes from Cardiff University.

Course Structure

Certificate Core Modules:

Diploma Core Modules:

Student Views

'It is not often these days that you get the thrill of learning something new and feeling like you understand it.'

Dr Shaifali Joshi , MSc Student

Read Dr Shaifali's full testimonial

'It is not often these days that you get the thrill of learning something new and feeling like you understand it. In fact the first 10 weeks on this course have been equivalent to going to school for the first time, not knowing a thing, and ending the year knowing how to read and write!
I honestly feel that I have learnt how to "read" journal and trials results for the first time with a bit of insight. Thank you very much to all involved, for the study material and designing of the course thus far.'

Alumni Views

'Doing this diploma has really changed the way I practice'

Mrs Fiona Prins, Diploma, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Read Fiona's full testimonial

'Doing this diploma has really changed the way I practice; I have a lot more confidence to question therapy decisions and stand my ground with my opinions. I have also learnt how to research issues I am still not familiar with and critically look at the possible answers I find in various studies and protocols. I found interacting with so many other participants absolutely invigorating as we all work in such diverse economic climates and patients settings. I have made friends for a life time with some of my group participants and will always value to support and privileges they have afforded me!'

Career Prospects

Medicine, Healthcare professionals, DSNs, GPs

Entry Requirements

Suitable for medical and allied healthcare practitioners, with clinical responsibility for individuals with diabetes, who will be future leaders and innovators in diabetes management in both primary and secondary care settings.

Candidates should possess a degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing or relevant vocational qualification in a diabetes related clinical subject, in addition to satisfying the Cardiff University requirements for entry to postgraduate courses. Good English language skills are essential and it is a course requirement that students have access to a computer with a broadband internet connection.

How to Apply

Applications may be made in writing to the department or online at

Next Intake:

January each year (MSc), February each year (PgDip)

Tuition Fees:

  • UK & EU Part Time for 2014/15 unless otherwise specified below
    for PgDip, includes £500 non-refundable deposit. MSc (post-Diploma): £3,675, includes £700 non-refundable deposit.
  • International Part Time for 2014/15 unless otherwise specified below
    for PgDip, includes £500 non-refundable deposit. MSc (post-Diploma): £4,100, includes £700 non-refundable deposit.

Next intake: January each year

School Contact

Name: Mrs Julie Amos  

Telephone: +44 (0)29 2074 5877 

Fax: +44 29 2074 4671 


School Website:

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Funding Available

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