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Psychiatry (e-Learning) (MSc)

n/a (Full-time) / n/a (Part-time) / 3 years MSc / 2 years PgDip (Distance / E-Learning)

The School of Medicine also offers a face-to-face MSc in Psychiatry. Details on this route can be found here.

Course Aims

The new MSc in Psychiatry e-Learning is a fully distance course with material specially prepared and supported by dedicated academic and technical staff.

Teaching material includes over 250 online lectures, a large number of simulated patient interviews, expert academic interviews, live tutorials, novel eLearning presentations, quizzes, course work and discussion groups. Most course text books and other materials are available online and supported by the School of Medicine's electronic library team. Student learning will be directed and supported by a course tutor.

The MSc in Psychiatry of Cardiff University aims to offer students from all backgrounds a well-rounded postgraduate education. We hope to provide the structure for junior psychiatrists in any location to achieve an understanding of current psychiatric thinking.

We also hope to provide first class teaching in Psychiatry for students from other academic or clinical backgrounds, which will allow them to understand the work of Psychiatrists and to work along side them, to work in a similar field or to carry out research in this area.

Course Rationale

The e-Learning MSc in Psychiatry of Cardiff University was set up in response to demand from Psychiatric clinical trainees and health workers in professions supplementary to medicine around the UK who did not have a suitable training course available to them in their locality or who had to move mid course to other locations for professional reasons. The e-Learning course allows all students to complete their studies wherever they are working. Also, there is no equivalent course to our MSc course in many countries around the world. Each year a number of overseas students travel to Cardiff to take part in our course as full time students, having to interrupt their clinical training in their own countries. The distance course allows them to continue to work in their home countries while studying for a master’s degree qualification.

The e-Learning MSc in Psychiatry course aims to offer psychiatric trainees a well-rounded postgraduate education which includes supervised research experience in the form of clinical research where possible or the writing of a systematic review.

Course Description:

The Department of Psychological Medicine at Cardiff University has a large research portfolio and includes the world leading MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics. This course includes a wide range of material and training in research methods and the practice of evidence based medicine

As the distance course in Psychiatry does not provide clinical training and does not require students to have a clinical background or clinical qualifications, the course admits non-medical graduates who wish to further their understanding of Psychiatry.

Available Modules:

The course consists of 4 compulsory modules making up 120 credits

The module titles are:

Each module will consist of 2 or 3 Units of Study, each of which will contain teaching material related to the diagnostic criteria in one section of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision (ICD10) published by the World Health Organisation.

Two modules are taken in the first year and these are split into units as below:

Module 1

Module 2 

Two modules are taken in the second year and these are split into units as below:

Module 3

Module 4

More details on the programme can be found through in our brochure.

Special Features:

This is a fully e-Learning course and all course material will be delivered using Cardiff University’s Virtual Learning Environment – Learning Central. Course teaching material will include online video lectures (webcasts), a variety of other e-Learning material, videos of simulated patient interviews, quizzes, group discussion and group problem solving, formative assessments and course work in the form of open book short answer questions and group projects.

Entry Requirements:

Academic Requirements

Graduates in medicine from an approved university are eligible to apply. Applications from graduates in other health sciences, biological sciences or psychology are also welcomed. All psychiatric trainees working full-time or part-time in NHS posts are eligible to apply for the course. Overseas students will be expected to demonstrate a high level of English language competence (please see below).

Selection of applicants to this course will be on the basis of a completed application form and referees’ recommendations. Selection criteria include academic results, psychiatric clinical experience, evidence of an interest in psychiatry and proven competence in English.

English Language Requirements

The University requires postgraduate students whose first language is not English to have one of the following:

Please note: Students should have taken either the IELTS no more than three years before the proposed date of entry to the University. For more information, please visit

We accept applications until October 21st each year for that year's intake.

If the option to apply online for this year's entry is not available, please use the next year's online form and specify that you wish to start in the appropriate year in the Personal Statement section.

Tuition Fees:

  • UK & EU Part Time Fees: (Payable annually and those stated are for 2015/16 unless otherwise stated below).
  • International Part Time Fees: (Payable annually and those stated are for 2015/16 unless otherwise stated below).

Next intake: October each year

School Contact

Name: Dr Dean Burnett (Distance Learning)  

Telephone: +44 (0)29 2074 4534 



School Website:

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