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Accounting (5 courses)
Accounting and Economics (BSc Econ)
Accounting and Management (BSc Econ)
Ancient and Medieval History (BA)
Ancient History (BA)
Ancient History and French (BA)
Ancient History and German (BA)
Ancient History and History (BA)
Ancient History and Italian (BA)
Ancient History and Philosophy (BA)
Ancient History and Religious Studies (BA)
Ancient History and Spanish (BA)
Ancient History and Welsh (BA)
Archaeology (4 courses)
Archaeology and Ancient History (BA)
Archaeology and French (BA)
Archaeology and German (BA)
Archaeology and History (BA)
Archaeology and Italian (BA)
Archaeology and Philosophy (BA)
Archaeology and Religious Studies (BA)
Archaeology and Welsh (BA)
Architectural Engineering (8 courses)
Architecture (BSc/MArch)
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Banking and Finance (4 courses)
Biochemistry (4 courses)
Biology (4 courses)
Biomedical Science (4 courses)
Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) (4 courses)
Biomedical Sciences (Neuroscience) (4 courses)
Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) (4 courses)
Biotechnology (2 courses)
Business Information Systems (2 courses)
Business Management (9 courses)
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Chemistry (6 courses)
City and Regional Planning (4 courses)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (8 courses)
Civil Engineering (8 courses)
Combined BScEcon Politics (Cardiff) and Diploma d'Etudes Politiques (BSc Econ)
Computer Science (8 courses)
Computing and Mathematics (2 courses)
Criminology (BSc)
Criminology and Education (BSc Econ)
Criminology and Social Policy (BSc Econ)
Criminology and Sociology (BSc Econ)