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Ecology is the study of the relationships between organisms and also their relationship with the physical environment. For many millennia, but particularly since the industrial revolution, man has had an increasing effect on the natural environment, as evidenced by the current concerns about greenhouse gases and climate change. The study of ecology will therefore be a subject of increasing importance in decades to come. The Ecology degree at Cardiff aims to equip students for these challenges. Throughout, you will be taught by enthusiastic staff, many of whom are internationally renowned scientists in their own particular field (for example, a previous Head of the School, Sir Martin Evans, won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2007).

Course Pathways

CourseUCAS Code
Ecology (BSc) C180
Ecology with a Professional Training Year (BSc) C183
Ecology with a Preliminary Year (BSc) C1V0
Ecology with a Preliminary Year and Professional Training Year (BSc) CC80

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